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Maintaining Loyal Customers Can Be Easier Than You Think.
By Laura Murray - Century Interactive
Great service is crucial to maintaining loyal and regular customers. In fact, 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again. Your first meeting will often be the deciding factor on whether or not a customer wants to continue giving you their hard-earned cash.

If you’ve made a great first impression, wonderful! But that doesn’t mean the hard work is over. Regular communication is an essential component to keeping faithful and happy consumers.

A quick follow up call to re-engage the customer with your business or get them to commit to an annual service or maintenance agreement are two solid ways to earn repeat business. You might be thinking, “This sounds great and all, but I definitely don’t have the time to call ALL the customers I’ve ever been in contact with.” We get it, and we have a solution.

Employing a call center is a reliable and efficient way to make sure these calls are conducted in a professional and timely manner. Call center employees will work with you to design the perfect flow of a conversation based on the customer’s needs. Call centers can help you achieve the following things:

•Re-engage and ensure value:
Often times customers just need a reminder that it’s been “this many months” since you’ve done business together and asked if everything’s been working properly ever since. Call centers can reach out to customers around the time of year when your service is needed most.

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By re-engaging your customers, you’re also reaffirming they made the right choice in your business because you consistently work to bring value. This will instill a sense of confidence and push customers to always depend on you. Call centers can also keep customers updated on all the latest services and improvements your business offers.

•Keep or Get Clients Onto Annual Service and Maintenance Agreements:
After you’ve finished your first round of business, call centers will connect with customers and try to get them signed up for a service agreement. Call centers can speak about the benefits of the agreement, including annual maintenance, service preference and even discounts on repairs and replacement. The more people enrolled in service agreements means guaranteed work and a steady revenue stream.

•Calling Customers to get Referrals:
Most people aren’t going to freely give you referrals unless you ask, and if you demonstrate great customer service, why wouldn’t you ask for a referral? This can be a very natural part of a call center’s conversation with your client. During a follow-up, call centers will ask the client how their experience was. If the experience was positive, they’ll ask for some referrals or other networking opportunities. If it was negative, this is a great opportunity to learn why and how you can turn this into a more pleasant experience for the customer.

Regular communication with customers is extremely important and unfortunately, it’s often overlooked since it can be very time consuming. Call centers have the resources and know-how to contact your database of customers and get them to make a firm commitment to your business. All you have to do is provide exceptional service and let a call center help secure a whole roster of loyal consumers.

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About the author:  Laura Murray studied Broadcast Journalism in college, and after two years of television news reporting, she's thrilled to apply her skills to marketing. When Laura isn't working, she loves to hike, read, spend time with family and friends and of course her cat, Juniper!

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