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Top 3 Plumbing Trends of 2016
As plumbing contractors enter 2016, they can count on a few consumer trends to continue to pick up steam. The interest in advanced technology and water efficiency continues to increase, and interior designers are observing a rising interest in luxury items off the beaten path.

As manufacturers continue to make more technologically advanced fixtures and appliances (and consumers continue to buy them), plumbing contractors will be required to keep up in terms of training. A shining example of how far technology has come is the Kohler DTV Prompt® Digital Showering System, a Bluetooth-enabled smart shower that adds sound, steam and lighting to the bathing experience. Add to this the array of touch screens, apps, electric mirrors, and self-cleaning remote-control toilets that have been released into the market and it’s clear that continued training with a focus on technology is essential.

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Going hand-and-hand with advanced technology is water conservation, where California is leading the charge in mandating water efficient plumbing fixtures. In 2015, the state imposed mandatory water restrictions for the first time to lower water usage by 25 percent. A trickling of states also have water efficiency standards that exceed federal mandates, and this is expected to increase. With nearly half of plumbing retailers reporting that consumers were interested in green products last year, this trend comes as no surprise to plumbing contractors.

Beer taps in the kitchen? The rise of the bidet? These are a couple of remodeling trend predictions for 2016. Because of the rising popularity of craft brewing, interior designers are increasingly seeing demand for beer taps. In addition. bidets were included in 5 percent of renovated master bathrooms, according to Decorative plumbing is another kitchen and bathroom trend here to stay - appliances and fixtures that look like they were made on Etsy but connect to wifi appear to be the sweet spot.

Elmer Zubiate of On Time Elmer Plumbing has lived in San Antonio, Texas for more than 20 years. In addition to plumbing services, Elmer specializes in HVAC systems and swimming pools.




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