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KWC ZOE – New style icon in the world of kitchen faucets.

KWC ZOE Kitchen FaucetStrikingly innovative in both its design and its technology, the new KWC ZOE combines an elegantly curved shape with exceptional functionality in ways that are unmatched by any other premium kitchen faucet. While its sculptural, timeless beauty will complement a wide range of décors, from traditional to contemporary — its dynamic, user-friendly features will help meet the day-to-day demands of an active, modern kitchen.

The extraordinary innovation embodied by this new style icon is demonstrated in several ways:

Form: Created by NOA Design Studio of Aachen, Germany, the compelling shape of the new KWC ZOE evokes the upward sweep of a parabolic jet of water. Even as the spout is swiveled through its full 270-degree horizontal pivot, it maintains a flowing outline — a new sculptural image with every turn. “Our goal,” says NOA’s Michael Lammel, “was to create a synthesis of emotion and precision; a simple, sophisticated form that would stay in the minds of the user.”

Technology: Part of that sought-for “emotion” derives from a fascinating interplay of water and light created by the LUMINAQUA® LED light ring, which is incorporated into the seamlessly integrated pull-out spray. This ring illuminates both sink and water at once, giving the jet a luminous quality while also ensuring a properly lit washing and work space — even if the user or other overhead objects block ambient lighting.

Production: The slim design of the light ring and its integration into the rest of the faucet was possible thanks to an innovative, hydroforming production method in the manufacture of the spout. Here, a thin tube is shaped to create a 100%-accurate and reproducible form, as well as the ultra-smooth transitions that give the KWC ZOE its precise appearance and its safe and hygienic character.

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As co-designer Michael Zeisel notes, “We sought functions that could satisfy the most demanding luxury kitchen user: a technologically advanced product that would invite him or her to explore new ways of using this faucet.” Key functions include:

•Convenient pull-out spray… With a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute (gpm), the KWC ZOE features two spray settings – an aerated Neoperl® jet and a needle spray. The ergonomically shaped, concealed pull-out extends nearly 20 inches in any direction. Due to the pull-out’s innovative, yet intuitive form, the user understands how to operate the spray at first touch. The high-quality metallic casing extends the service life of the hose.

•…that’s easy to keep clean: The KWC ZOE incorporates a practical feature called KWC JETCLEAN™ to reduce lime deposits. As water flows through the spray, the outlets in its faceplate — made of a soft but resilient material — expand to prevent deposits from accumulating. What little residue remains is easily removed by rubbing a finger over the nozzles. A quick-fastening mechanism called Turn And Clean™ permits the faceplate to be unscrewed so the aerator can be cleaned and reinserted, all without tools. Finally, the transitions at the comparatively few joints on the KWC ZOE are seamless and therefore easy to wipe clean, with no protruding edges that might collect dirt.

•Energy-saving LED: The Luminaqua LED light can be switched on and off with a simple membrane button integrated into the pull-out spray. Using only 1.2 watts of power and a plug power supply of 6.75 volts, the light gradually dims after 30 minutes of usage before switching off automatically. The result: a service life of approximately 20,000 hours.

•Sophisticated lever design: The KWC ZOE operates with a delicate, yet robust, low-profile lever that blends discreetly into the background, thanks to its dark color. Using an innovative sliding mechanism, this pleasantly tactile lever moves smoothly in three different directions to control flow and temperature. Water temperature is controlled by pulling the lever forward for colder water, or pushing it back for hot — opposite the way most faucets operate. This common-sense feature is designed to protect young children from coming in contact with excessively hot water.

Offering maximum convenience, safety and style for residential and select commercial applications, the new KWC ZOE encapsulates all the kitchen faucet expertise of KWC. “Our intent was to bring something new to the luxury kitchen faucet market,” says NOA’s Michael Lammel, “a completely new and original product that embodies the Swiss image of precision, perfection and simplicity.”

KWC ZOE has been honored with the prestigious Design Plus powered by ISH 2013 award for its outstanding and exceptionally innovative design. The faucet is available in two finishes: chrome, with a list price of $1,250; and splendure™ stainless steel, $1,925.

For more information on KWC ZOE, visit:

KWC is a leading supplier of luxury kitchen and bath faucets, shower systems and accessories in North America. For more than 140 years, KWC has defined Swiss Excellence and is proud to be the first faucet manufacturer in Switzerland to receive the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate. That KWC faucets are still designed and manufactured in Switzerland is our guarantee of the expertise and skill of the workforce, the constant refinement of tried-and-tested technologies and a consistently high-quality product. For more information, visit: Or call: 678.334.2121.

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