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Uniweld Introduces Amazing Demo Video of Cool Blue™ Heat Sink Paste for Use When Brazing Metals.
Uniweld's patented Cool Blue™ heat sink paste helps to protect HVAC components when brazing copper tubes.

When brazing copper tubes in the HVAC & refrigeration industry, Cool Blue™ can be the technician’s best friend, as it will help to prevent the overheating of system components which are in in line with the copper tube being brazed.

The Cool Blue™ heat sink paste will help protect the rubber and plastic seals in ball valves, solenoid valves, reversing valves and other heat sensitive materials. Uniweld’s Cool Blue™, utilizes a unique cool heat transfer indicator which changes colors as the paste absorbs heat.

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Utilizing Uniweld’s Cap’n Hook® MTF-5 multi-flame brazing tip, the video demonstrates the overheating protective properties of Cool Blue™, by showing 2 copper tubes being brazed side by side. Each tube is wrapped with a metal wire which has a melting temperature of 430 °F (221 °C). The tube on the left side is unprotected, whereas the tube on the right side, protects the metal wire by placing Cool Blue™ on the copper tube, between the metal wire and the brazing point. The unprotected metal wire melts away, whereas the metal wire protected with Cool Blue™, remains intact.

Watch the video to see how Cool Blue™ can keep cash in your pocket by avoiding costly repairs of expansion valves, reversing valves, solenoid valves and other components with heat sensitive materials, due to overheating.

Cool Blue™ is but yet another one of Uniweld’s product offerings which provide you with, Quality Tools That Go To Work With You®”.

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