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Plumbing Leak Detection Equipment Is Available
From LeakTronics.

LeakTronics is the industry leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing and training and provides solutions for plumbers to provide residential and commercial leak detections for their customers.

LeakTronics offers the Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit, pipe cameras, pipe locating equipment and online training platforms that allow plumbers to provide accurate leak detections in house.

The Plumbers Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics includes powerful, and easy to use, leak detection equipment for hearing leaks underground, under slabs, throughout residential or commercial plumbing and more. The DeckPlate and Pipe Probe in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit can accurately identify the precise location of a leak more than 6 feet underground, and when used throughout the plumbing system, leaks can be identified in pipes under floors, in walls, and behind cabinetry non-invasively. Plumbers reduce time spent searching for the source of the leak and get to the repair work for their customers fast.

For underground pipe locating, LeakTronics has created the PG-2 Pulse Generator. By simply attaching the PG-2 to an active spigot on the water line, the device injects a gentle pulse throughout the line, and any attached lines. Using the DeckPlate and Pipe Probe in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, mapping and tracing the location of pipes, irrigation lines and subsurface plumbing can be done in minutes, and pressure testing lines to find leaks can be performed with little effort and maximum results. \

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LeakTronics offers pipe cameras that perform in plumbing lines as small as 1+1/2 inch in diameter with the ability to corner 90 degree turns inside the pipe. The Hand Held Video Pro Pipe Camera includes a sonde locator for hearing leaks in pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter and then produces a 512 hz signal for locating the head underground. Where the leak was found, the sonic pulse allows the user to accurately dig for repairs at the precise area of the leak. The Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 Pipe Camera has a meter counter that tells the user how far into the line the mic head is to measure where repairs will be made. Both cameras have a 65ft. cable and can be custom made to any length a plumber needs, call for details.

The heart of LeakTronics Plumbers Kit is the LT-1000 Amplifier. This powerful amplifier uses LeakTronics proprietary phantom power technology to increase the listening potential in all LeakTronics listening equipment and with the ergonomic design, the equipment delivers the most accurate results in detecting leaks in plastic, metal or any type of pipe that is producing a leak.

LeakTronics also offers an online training platform to familiarize plumbers with the art of leak detection for plumbing systems. Training includes more than 5 hours of in-depth video explanation, paperwork downloads for delivering findings to customers and case studies showing how leak detections were performed on real jobs. With online access and free customer support, plumbers learn how to find leaks fast with trusted methods of leak detection and have the support of LeakTronics to help them with any learning curve they may experience when they first handle the equipment.

The LeakTronics Plumbers Kit has a retail price of $2950 and ships direct to the customers door, same day when ordered by 12:00 pm. Orders can be placed online or by telephone at 818-436-2953.

See the complete catalog of equipment designed to perform thorough and complete plumbing leak detections at or
call 818-436-2953 for more details.

28438 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

LeakTronics is the industry leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing and training. With direct to door delivery and an online training platform, professionals around the world grow their business with LeakTronics.

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